In 2007, I started brewing Kombucha in the basement of my Vermont farmhouse. My goal was to craft a healthier alternative to soda for my community by using the best organic ingredients and premium teas. More than a decade later, Aqua ViTea has grown into one of the largest Kombucha brewers in the country, delivering authentic, non-alcoholic Kombucha to health-conscious people. We also create Aqua Vodka, the only Vodka born from the naturally occurring alcohol in Kombucha.

Along the way, we’ve learned many lessons about Kombucha brewing and now, for the first time, are applying that knowledge to create AfterGlow, an organic, gluten-free Hard Kombucha that tastes great.

Much like when I started out brewing Kombucha in 2007, many folks today are looking for something better: adult beverages that are organic and made from the best ingredients and brewing practices. Live for the AfterGlow, and wherever the day – or night – may take you.


Jeff Weaber
Founder, Aqua ViTea


Aqua ViTea has been passionately brewing Kombucha for more than a decade, employing both traditional brewing techniques and modern innovations to create an authentic, non-alcoholic Kombucha.

Keeping in line with Aqua ViTea’s Kombucha brewing philosophy, we carefully source the finest organic, sustainable ingredients for AfterGlow. While we extract the alcohol from our traditional Kombucha, we let AfterGlow’s natural alcohol mature through fermentation and into the can – resulting in a mindfully made adult beverage.